Welcome to Jarel Design, an award winning design firm and model shop, specializing in producing product development prototypes, promotional kits, models, miniatures and mechanical special effects props.


Artist's Statement:

Since 1986 I have been providing clients with creative design, prototype development, engineering and sculptural services. From major public installation art to corporate exhibit displays; From large 2 story structures to models comparable to the size of pocket change, I have provided in house fabrication of one-off designs and produced limited edition art and promotional kits in quantities approaching mass production. Specializing in composite structures, plastics, mold making, thermoforming, pressure casting, composite vacuum bagging, ceramics, machine shop, sheet metal and welding services, if you can think of it, I can build it!

With a strong background in illustration, I am capable of presenting clients with realistic visuals that reflect and conform to real-life physics allowing me to begin troubleshooting before the first part is produced. Having traveled to Hong Kong and Schengen, China working directly with overseas manufacturers as well as side-by-side collaboration with government officials, art commissions and city planners I have refined my ability to provide clients with real time information and clearly understandable updates regarding the development of their projects.

Having worked extensively in the deadline based entertainment industry (specializing in creating mechanical as well as electronic special effects props including robotic creatures for film and television), I’ve become diversely fluent in radio control, theatrical and interior lighting design including the creative use of fiber optics.

Since 2001, my creative efforts have focused on my love of kinetic sculpture and fine art, teaching/mentoring young artists, volunteering at schools and children’s museums while creating private and public installation art that become “destinations” rather than “decorations”.

I have been working as a creative professional for over twenty years and truly love what I do. (Ask my repeat clients who keep coming back for more!) I am an intuitive, understanding and positive team player… able to lead, follow and adapt. I’m a true facilitator, welcoming budgetary and scheduling constraints, as creative motivators, I have never missed a deadline, always exceed my client’s expectations, and firmly believe in the realistic use of the word: “Yes”!

About The Company:

Jarel Design has been in business since 1988. Originally based in Los Angeles, the studio was moved to the Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon (1999) and now, both the shop and studio share land with a small group of old growth Maple trees, a pond, waterfalls and two streams. We still service clients along the West coast from Los Angeles to Seattle and as far east, as New York. We are hooked up to the Internet and can communicate to your office via digital images, email and video conferencing (or in person), empowering your office with the ability to interact with us as if we were an "in-house" extension of your own business.


Kinetic Sculpture
Public Installation Art
Industrial Design
Prototype Development
Mechanical Engineering
Robotic Creature Effects
Radio Control Design
Aerodynamic Design
Metal Fabrication
Machine Shop Services
Mold Making
Vacuum forming
Pressure Casting
Ceramic Design & Fabrication
Wood Design & Fabrication
Composite Design & Fabrication
Limited Production Mfg.



Almost Human
AST Computers
Ashcraft Design
The Burman Studio
Buena Vista Television
California Music Theater
City of Long Beach, CA
City of Medford, OR
CFX, Inc.
Fox Television
The Headblade Company
Indigo Creative Group
Ian Dei Design
Mattel, Inc.
MCA Entertainment
Moore, Ruble Yudell
Paramount Pictures
ScienceWorks Museum
Studios USA
Sticks & Stones
TGIF Productions
3-D Industrial Design
Universal Studios
The Walt Disney Company
Warner Brothers
Wild Planet Toys


Babes in Toyland
Chicago Hope
Connan the Barbarian
Disneyland (commercial)
Intel (commercial)
Final Equinox
The 5th Element
Jingle All The Way
Jungle Book II
A Kid in Aladdin's Palace
Killer Pad
The Power Rangers Movie
The Specials
Star Trek IX: Insurrection

City of Medford, OR -Public Art (2008)
Art in Bloom -Juried Showing (2007)
A Taste of Ashland -Showing (2008, 2007)
ScienceWorks Museum -Public Art (2005)
New York Museum Of Modern Art (2005)
Time magazine -Top ten design (2000)
Business Week -IDSA Silver Medal (1999)
Grand Sweepstakes Float Design, MDR (1997)
Promax Award (1997, 1996, 1995)
IHPVA -World Land Speed Record (1993)
1st Place, Innovative Design, IHPVA (1992)
1st Place, CA Soaring Championships (1991)
1st Place, Design Award, IMS (1990)
FSA (“October Sky”) Award (1962)



Industrial Design Magazine
Model Builder (Feature Article)
Time Magazine
Entertainment Weekly
Business Week
Action Figure News & Toy Review
Los Angeles Times
Model Airplane News (Feature Article)
Sci-Fi Universe
Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models
Make-Up Artist
Locals Guide (Cover photo/feature article)
ABC, CBS & NBC Television