Jarel Design's online portfolio presentation is set up as a slide show. Our work is divided into six categories: Product Development, Promotional Kits, Movie Props/FX, Industrial Design, Sculpture and Models/Miniatures. These categories are accessed from the main menu on the Control Panel on the left.

Each of these categories offer six samples. When you enter the category from the main menu, one of the samples will be prominently displayed. The other five samples from that selected category are shown as thumbnails below. By clicking on any of those thumbnails, you will be taken to that particular sample within that chosen category.

In addition, most of the individual category samples offer one or two extra 'details'. In some cases they are close-ups and in other cases they are prototypes. These details are accessed by the special controller located directly beneath the featured portfolio sample. The red numbered tab is the currently displayed sample, and the black numbered tabs access the other related 'details'.


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Product Development

At Jarel Design, we combine our knowledge of modern manufacturing methods with a uniquely creative approach to problem solving. This allows us to produce working prototypes that are virtually ready for production. Many of our first phase models have been used for final production packaging art and tooling design.

Beach Blaster (Mattel, Inc.)
Beach Blaster prototype

Max Steel Heli-jet, helicopter
Max Steel Heli-jet. prototype
Heli-jet parts

Max Steel Attack Jet
Battle Luge

Arctic Explorer (Mattel, Inc.)
Arctic Explorer
Arctic Submarine

Max Steel Sharkruiser
Sharkruiser closed
Sharkruiser open

HeadBlade close-up


Promotional Kits

Many of our clients are repeat customers. We believe this says a lot about Jarel Design's award winning commitment to excellence. We have a long history of transforming the most creative ideas into dependable solutions, producing finished products under budget and on time. From one-of-a-kind sales kits to limited production runs of several hundred promotional kits. Maybe your needs require that a copy of your successful sales kit be enlarged by 800% for a trade show. Jarel Design has not only "been there-done that", but we are prepared to transform your wildest ideas into solid reality. Tell us what you want, not what you think can be done.

Real TV lens
Real TV remote

Arrest & Trial kit (Studios USA)
Arrest & Trial kit

Viper kit (Paramount)
Viper Multiples

Sister-Sister kit (Paramount)
Sister-Sister Open sales kit
Sister-Sister Open promotional kit

Team Knight Rider kit (Universal)
Team Knight Rider watch

Clueless sales kit (Paramount)
Clueless easel extended


Movie Props and FX

Jarel Design has helped audiences to believe that horses can fly, turtles can talk and that super heroes really were "super". When you bring us your ideas, we listen and share our knowledge with you so that you'll better understand how we intend to perform our style of movie magic. We then transform your ideas into reality, empowering you with props and models that won't make you look like you came from another planet... unless you want to!

Intel helmet (Intel TV spot)
Intel helmet, mike boom

Power Rangers (Film)
Helmets under construction

Turtle Puppet (Jungle book 2)
Turtle Puppet mechanism
Turtle Puppet mechanism

Nasal enhancer R/C prop (The Specials)
Nasal enhancer
Nasal enhancer

Connan skull (TV cable puppet)
Skull mechanism

Intel helmet (Intel TV spot)
Intel helmet, top


Industrial Design

From concept prototypes to functional deep-sea diving equipment. We understand when tight tolerances are considered a cost over-run and when they are literally, a matter of life and death. How would you describe a toy camera that really works without film? How would you define a toy plane that utilizes computer aided electronic controls? How would you define a hand-powered bicycle that breaks a world land speed record? At Jarel Design, we engineer appropriately to our client's budgets as well as their needs.

Underwater camera housing (EP Industries)
Open case with camera

Body Wizard bike (World Speed Record)

Barbie Digital Camera
Barbie Digital Camera

Max Steel Heli-jet, finsiehd jet
Max Steel Heli-jet, prototype jet

Ninja Turtles jeep (Playmate Toys)

Viper Alarm (Paramount)



Form can be just as important as function and although reputation can be repetitive, style shouldn't be. At Jarel Design, we utilize the diverse array of skills and styles of many artists to bring our client's projects to life.

Wildcats motorcycle (Playmate Toys)
Wildcats motorcycle

Lightwave 3-D (Robot Prototype)

Monster Hand (Film puppet)

Specials Dolls (Film props)

Power Rangers helmet mold

Jack Cash sales kit (Studios USA)


Models and Miniatures

From motion picture miniatures to architectural presentation models, at Jarel Design we create models that can help your developer explain the workings of inner-space, or leave your audiences believing they're in outer space!

5th Element (Film Miniature)
5th Element, under construction
5th Element, under construction

Shogun glider (Flying R/C aircraft) Shogun close-up

Shanghai Metropolitan Opera House

University of MD Center for the Performing Arts

AST Trade Show Booth
AST close-up

New York Under Cover (Sales kit)
New York Undercover
New York Undercover